Update 2/25 – Week 2

This week wasn’t nearly as eventful as last week, but I’m moving along!

I got a temperature/humidity sensor for my Raspberry Pi, just to practice reading sensor data with it. That experiment was successful, and happily, relatively easy! I spent a lot of time rereading basic information about working with Arduinos, and getting the Bluetooth Feather up and running. I couldn’t (or at least, haven’t yet) got my hands on resistors to try out making LEDs blink. I also have a LED ring, but I need to do some soldering before I can use it. I also went and got a physical button and started reading documentation to figure out how that might work. I’m still a bit lost on that, to be honest.

The E-Ink display also came this week, which I spent some time looking at the physical connection between it and the raspberry pi, ideating for a custom case. That part of the project is on hold until I get the button prototype up and working.

On the Raspberry Pi end, I got my bash script for sending a datapoint to Beeminder up and running. This coming week, I’d like to port that script to Python and figure out how to make the button interact with the Bluetooth Feather board.